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  • Address: Room 617, Building No. 14, Block A, Greenland Beijiao Square, Lane 5355, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

    Foreign Trading Contact 

    Operator: Ms Cherish Kim

    Tel: +86-021-3114 5955 

    Fax:+86-021-5195 0610

    Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18356087986

    Email: shtwxtc@twxtc.com

    Skype: cherish_149

    QQ: 1162192608

Coking furnaces
  • Various coke furnaces can be repaired fast, safely and reliably with the ceramic welding repair method and with good air tightness; coke furnaces can be fixed almost without affecting production. The coking chamber wall will no longer leak and the environmental protection level can be improved greatly.

    ● Perforation, denudation, convexity or concavity of the coking chamber wall

    ● Leakage and crack of flue

    ● Joint between the old and new chamber walls

    ● Crack on coal charge door and furnace framework

    ● Cleaning and repair of vertical flame path and blocked flue

    ● Joint on furnace shoulder in coking chamber

                                                      ● Burn-out of footing and bottom of coking chamber

                                                      ● Sinking and brick falling of vault and arch

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