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  • Address: Room 617, Building No. 14, Block A, Greenland Beijiao Square, Lane 5355, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

    Foreign Trading Contact 

    Operator: Ms Cherish Kim

    Tel: +86-021-3114 5955 

    Fax:+86-021-5195 0610

    Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18356087986

    Email: shtwxtc@twxtc.com

    Skype: cherish_149

    QQ: 1162192608

Products and services
  •  Extend service life of furnace and increase economic benefits for the enterprise
        With the world-class technological process and scientific formula, high temperature ceramic soldering technology can be used to convey welding flux to the position to be fixed in the furnace through the soldering machine, and make the welding flux “solidified” at the damaged position of the furnace after strong chemical reaction, and fix your furnace without shutting down the furnace or affecting production!

        Focusing on furnace hot reapir, the company has mastered the core technologies of ceramic soldering, familiar with all damage mechanisms of the furnace, and provides customized hot repairing solutions according to different damages on the furnace. We can repair nearly all local damages of furnace refractory materials.

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