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Contact Us
  • Address: Room 617, Building No. 14, Block A, Greenland Beijiao Square, Lane 5355, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

    Foreign Trading Contact 

    Operator: Ms Cherish Kim

    Tel: +86-021-3114 5955 

    Fax:+86-021-5195 0610

    Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18356087986

    Email: shtwxtc@twxtc.com

    Skype: cherish_149

    QQ: 1162192608

Technology innovation
  • The company offers inspection on high-temperature furnaces via the high temperature furnace periscope which can be stretched into the furnace to keep inspecting furnace damages according to the actual demand for 24 hours a day (similar to gastroscopy). With the use of the optical imaging system, a high resolution camera takes pictures or videos, and the periscope can snap a clear image and conduct remote observation. It can adjust the optical focal length according to the observation distance and adjust the aperture depending on light brightness. Through taking photos and video, and storing them on the computer or printing them out, the company can carry out comparison and analysis of the furnace at different time section, make an accurate evaluation of the working state of the furnace, make a timely and accurate maintenance schedule, conduct maintenance process supervision and check the maintenance effect.

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