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    Operator: Ms Cherish Kim

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Industry use
  • Construction industry

    By using ceramic soldering technology, any part of the flame space in various horseshoe flame furnaces, multi-train glass furnaces and larg-scale float glass furnaces can be repaired without shutting down the furnace.

    Metallurgy industry

    Ceramic soldering technology is the most efficient repair method for peeling of refractory materials on hot blast pipes of high-temperature furnaces, burn-out of refractory materials in combustion chambers of various converters and heaters, perforation and cracking on the partition of gas wells of hot blast furnaces and falling of refractory materials in burner inlets of hot blast furnaces.  

    Coking industry

    Various coke furnaces can be repaired fast, safely and reliably with the ceramic welding repair method and with good air tightness; coke furnaces can be fixed almost without affecting production. The coking chamber wall will no longer leak and the environmental protection level can be improved greatly.

    shaft furnace industry

    Brick falling of arch bridge on sleeve -type lime shaft furnace was a "persistent" problem which had been seriously affecting the service life of a furnace. Now, by using the ceramic soldering technology, damaged parts can be repaired fast without shutting down the furnace and can last for a long time, which prolongs service life of a sleeve-type lime shaft furnace.

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