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  • 【Construction industry】

    Ceramic welding repair technology can keep the furnace under the condition of the various horseshoe flame kiln, the kiln line more glass kiln and large float glass furnace flame to keep furnace repair of any part of the space.

    【for metallurgical industry】

    Ceramic welding repair technology for blast furnace hot blast pipe material lining spalling resistance, all kinds of converter, furnace refractories melting combustion chamber, the hot blast stove gas well wall perforation, craze. Hot blast stove burner imported refractory material loss is the most effective maintenance method.

    【coking industry】

    For a variety of coke oven with ceramic welding repair method for repair, fast, safe and reliable, good air tightness, almost can not affect any production for repair. Carbonizing chamber wall no longer leak, greatly improve the environmental protection level.

    【lime shaft kiln】

    Sleeve off brick lime shaft kiln arch bridge has been seriously affect the service life of the kiln "persistent" problem, now the ceramic welding repair technology under the condition of no production quickly and repair damaged parts in a long-term, and extend the service life of the sleeve lime shaft kiln

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