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Internal endoscope of high-temperature furnace
  • Application field:

    hightemperature furnaces periscope is mainly used for detecting and evaluating damage on lining inside hightemperature furnace for glass plant, glass fiber plant, steel mills, power stations, incinerators, metallurgy, thermal power plant, petrochemical and other industries, realtime monitoring during maintenance of hightemperature furnaces to check the effect of maintenance. By monitoring the fuel, burner, the combustion state of flame, it can guarantee an economic and effective combustion. It can enter into a furnace with a temperature of 20000C by 1 m directly, inspect the damage inside the furnace according to the actual demand, (similar to gastroscopy) and work continuously for more than eight hours.

    Main components:

    the hightemperature furnace periscope can directly extend into the furnace and take pictures and video of  the damaged part inside, store the same in the computer or print them out, which is convenient for  comparison and analysis of the furnaces in different time and accurate assessment of the work condition of furnaces. In addition, the situation in the furnace can be observed by sight through the eyepiece at the scene, and the observation is perceptual with a viewing angle of about 15 ~ 600, which can be adjusted quickly according to the needs. Hightemperature furnaces periscope consists of (1) water cooling system, (2) high temperature lens, (3) adapter, (4) SLR cameras and the eyepiece.

    Advantages of high temperature endoscope

    (1)  The hightemperature endoscope can extend to 1.5 m at the most, with three angles, 00, 600 and 900, which can easily extend into the furnaces to take pictures and video deep the furnaces and in the angles while not affected by flame and airflow inside the furnace.

    (2)  Better hightemperature furnaces periscope USES optical imaging system, eyepieces with a direct view side are available, and can also be used for high resolution digital SLR cameras (generally in more than 15 million pixels) to take pictures or video. The image is clear, observation distance and the optical focal length is adjustable according to the observation distance, according to different light brightness adjusting aperture or increase the filter to achieve the ideal effect.

    Appearance size:

    standard diameter: 42 mm outer diameter

    Length: 1220 mm to 1620 mm

    Cooling medium:

    water-cooling and air-cooling.

    Depend on the temperature of the furnace and the depth of the lens into the oven.

    Cooling water: in general, need 12 ~ 20 l/min pure water.

    Cooling air: 0.11 ~ 0.15 m3 / min pure instrument compressed air, used for cooling and cleaning observation hole in the front.

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