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High temperature furnace ceramic soldering machine
  • Scope of application:

    High temperature ceramic soldering machine is mainly applicable to online ceramic soldering and maintenance of damaged lining inside high temperature furnace in float glass plant, glass fiber plant, smelting factory, coking plant, steel mill, power station, incinerator, metallurgy, thermal power plant, petrochemical industry and etc..

    How it works:

    Ceramic soldering machine is composed of bunker, regulating valve, feeder and hopper. After mixed in a certain proportion, oxygen and nitrogen is input into bunker of the ceramic soldering machine, premixed with filler material, and transferred to portion in order to be repaired through a feeder; the filler material is “soldered” on the damaged portion of furnace after a severe chemical reaction. With dedicated gas flow valve on ceramic soldering machine, the gas flow rate and pressure can be controlled; best mix proportion of filler material and gas flow and pressure can be obtained with a perfect configuration of the feeder, so that ceramic soldering quality can be greatly improved. This ceramic welding repair equipment is mainly composed of the welding machine, welding gun, welding gun bracket and oxygen transfer equipment. This equipment is compact, simple to operate and convenient to use, flexible, which can be operated jointly by three workers and is suitable for soldering and maintenance under a variety of complex conditions.  

    Technical parameters:

    Air pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.5 MPa

    Dead load: 100 kg

    Soldering capacity: 100 kg/h or more

    Oxygen consumption: 50 m3 / h  

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